Sunday, September 19, 2010


First of all, please let me appologize for using this doll as my model (although it does take direction very well and has stunning blue eyes) real models and professional photos are coming soon. I promise. Until then, I'm too excited to keep these projects locked away so you'll have to suffer through.
Second, I have made my first official sale and although she remains nameless on my blog, thank you friend for your support! I love you! As for the rest of you who claim to be ordering shortly, please keep in mind I have a HUGE PROJECT coming November 26th and will probably not be working on beanies for the month following the arrival of new baby girl.

For the love of Boys!

Modern Man Toboggan


Berry Handsome

This post goes out to all the best boys in my life. Yes, I am making hats for the boys too!

New projects

Berry Cute

Simply Chic's

Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Projects

Hotsy Totsy Toboggan

Pixie Duster

Hot Legs (leg warmers)

Alphabet Soup


Simply Chic

One of a Kinder Bliggy Bows